Current Arena Champion




King Of The Ring


Bruised Ribs


Session 1

The party first heard of the Arena Champion Fergus from Owydon, who did not seem impressed with the man. In fact, he confided his suspicion that the Colovian gladiator was on the take – likely to a merchant called Tristane.

Session 2

Kang confronted Fergus about Tristane in the Arena practice yard, where he wound up picking a fight with the man. After a brief scuffle, Fergus conceded and told Kang that Tristane owned a shop called the Copious Coinpurse.

Session 5

Fergus and a mob of men awaited the unit outside of the Merchants Inn. They attacked Kang, but the gang was no match for even the inebriated party. Still, Fergus got a couple of solid blows in, but just as he raised his club for an overhead strike, he was attacked from behind by Owydon, and fell to the cobbles, bleeding. Adrielle stabilized him with restoration magic, and later he was helped back to the Arena by Tristane and a begrudging Owydon.


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