Devious Breton Nightblade

Martine Refresh
A lithe, young pale-skinned woman in a dark hooded cloak and leathers, wearing a slender silver longsword. 3
Aspects Skills
Devious Breton Nightblade Superb (+5)
“Have a Good Time, All the Time” Great (+4) Stealth
One Step Ahead of the Thieves Guild Good (+3) Burglary Fight
I Did NOT Think This Through Fair (+2) Athletics Deceive Rapport
Jode’s Claw Average (+1) Empathy Illusion Lore Notice
Lie Whisperer: +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at Martine or someone else.
Invisibility: Once per scene, Martine can vanish while in plain sight by spending a fate point and casting her Invisibility spell. This places the Vanished boost on her. While she’s vanished, no one can attack or create an advantage on her until after they’ve succeeded at an overcome roll with Notice to suss out where she went (basically meaning they have to give up an exchange to try). This aspect goes away as soon as she invokes it, or someone makes that overcome roll.
Silver Sword: Martine gets +2 when Attacking undead creatures and werewolves with Jode’s Claw.
Stress Tracks Consequences
Physical (Physique)
1[ ] 2[ ] 2 [Mild Consequence Aspect]
Mental (Will) 4 [Moderate Consequence Aspect]
1[ ] 2[ ] 6 [Severe Consequence Aspect]

Phase Trio

Your Adventure: Family Business (born 2nd of Sun’s Dawn, 4E 151: birth sign is The Lover)

Martine was born of peasant stock in the High Rock city of Jehanna. Blaming the local Thieves Guild when her father was hanged, she went into business for herself, and learned swordplay from a Redguard called Tralen. When the Guild took notice of her work, and Tralen sold her out, Martine fled east into Skyrim, leaving her old life behind.

Phase One Aspect: One Step Ahead of the Thieves Guild


Martine drifted across Skyrim until she came into the employ of Vinderion, an Altmer sage of Whiterun. She located and “acquired” various historical artifacts for Vinderion. One such expedition took Martine west, all the way to Markarth…

Crossing Paths

While in Markarth, Martine pointed out an escaped orc slave to a group of bounty hunters called the Eyes of Doom. When the slave, Kang, got away, Martine decided to form her own gang of bounty hunters to collect the reward. However, the few who survived the inevitable skirmish with the Eyes of Doom turned on each other. Defeated, Martine completed her original errand and returned to Whiterun.

Phase Two Aspect: I Did NOT Think This Through


On a quest in Ironbind Barrow, Martine startled Adrielle, a young woman in steel armor slaying the shambling hordes with elemental magicka. After an encounter with a frost spewing draugr, Martine decides to ally and rely on the unfazable Nord’s sturdiness and talent to guide her through the ruins instead of stabbing her in the back for a clean escape.

Martine slinked along disabling trigger plates on the way to her treasure while Adrielle burned and electrocuted her way through the undead hordes, undaunted by the danger until slaying a bound draugr dragon knight triggered some of the structure to collapse. Adrielle managed to get under the column supporting the exit tunnel and held it up for Martine’s egress when she unexpectedly noticed through the clouded dust and rumbling din…

Crossing Paths Redux

Kang reappeared in Whiterun, carrying a jewel which contained the trapped soul of the Dunmer necromancer Rhianil. Vinderion performed a ritual to free Rhianil, but was murdered by a cultist of Clavicus Vile.

When Rhianil asked Martine to come with her to reclaim her belongings in Winterhold, the Nightblade agreed, having nothing holding her to Whiterun, and the hope of seeing Adrielle again. She paused only to reclaim the silver sword she’d recovered for Vinderion from Ironbind Barrow.

Phase Three Aspect: Jode’s Claw


Sneaking into the College in Winterhold, Martine found Adrielle, and convinced her to meet with Rhianil. Together with Kang, the four adventurers agreed to head south into Cyrodiil in search of the Ayleid ruin of Silorn.


On their way south, the group stopped at the Bee and Barb in Riften. Martine observed a large, hairy Nord who claimed his pocket had been picked. Eager to avoid drawing attention in the thieves’ guild’s city, Martine quickly agreed to pay for the man’s drinks, unaware that Tate took this debt seriously enough to join the southern expedition.


On arriving in Cheydinhal, Tate was thrown in jail when a tavern brawl got out of hand. Adrielle and Martine agreed to win his freedom by protecting the young son of Sabrin Esdrecus, the Countess of Cheydinhal (over Rhianil’s objection). When they failed to save the boy from a bandit attack along the Blue Road, the Countess had them thrown in the dungeons, too…

Height: 5’3” Weight: 120 lbs. Age: 20
Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark Brown Skin: Pale

It’s easy to look right past Martine. Small and lithe, with ordinary brown hair, she dresses in drab, earthen tones – usually in leather armor and a dark hooded cloak. Never wearing makeup or jewelry, she speaks quietly, avoids eye contact, and rarely calls any attention to herself. The slender silver longsword at her hip, runestruck with Ta’agra letters, is one of the only two unusual things about her appearance. The other is the piercing blue of her eyes.

Martine follows the wind, and doesn’t worry about much beyond where her next meal is coming from. She fritters whatever coin comes her way on good drink, good times, and good company. Though surprisingly well-read (due to the natural Breton fondness for intellectual pursuits, and many rainy Whiterun afternoons spent in Vinderion’s library), she has little self-discipline or ambition for self-improvement, and no affiliation with any nation or guild.

She has particular animosity for the Thieves Guild, whom she blames for her father’s execution. She also has no desire to give them a cut of anything she’s earned for herself. In truth, she doesn’t know much of anything about how the Guild really operates – and she’s fine with keeping it that way.

Martine has been alone virtually all of her life. Everyone who’s been important to her has left for one reason or another – everyone except Adrielle. Some part of her waits for the other shoe to drop, and resists getting any closer… but she does care about Adrielle, and knows how much the Nord cares for her. Some other part of her wonders if Adrielle could ever see her as more than a friend. But her friendship with Tralen ended when sex got in the way, so Martine is in no hurry to ruin this one.

Since joining Adrielle, Martine has quit robbing houses and picking pockets, preferring to earn her keep in a more adventurous fashion. Fortunately, the things she’s learned as a burglar serve her well in dungeons.

Martine has the typical Breton passion for life, friendliness, and sense of humor. She has only dabbled in magical studies, though, and the only school she has any skill with is Illusion. Though not particularly religious, the teachings of Dibella agree with her. Martine has also been known to placate Nocturnal from time to time.


Theme Song: Strip and Go Naked, by Alex Lifeson, from Victor

Marcel, father (deceased)
Delphine, mother (deceased)

The Family Business



Dramatis Personae

Portrait by Kristi


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