Shady Merchant




Cunning Breton Dealer
Copious Coinpurse Owner
Shadow Hides Me


Tristane Aurilie is a Breton merchant operating out of the Imperial City. He is in his early twenties with dark hair and a haughty disposition.

Session 1

Kang heard Tristane’s name from Owydon in connection with the murder frame job that had resulted in the Orsimer spending the last six months in an Imperial dungeon.

Session 2

Kang leaned from the current Arena Champion Fergus that Tristane owned a general goods store in the city – the Copious Coinpurse.

Session 3

Kang intimidated the shopkeep at the Coinpurse into telling him that Tristane often has dinner at the Merchants’ Inn. That evening, the unit staked the place out (from a comfortable table inside) and finally laid eyes on the man – whom Martine knew from her old life as Theo.

Session 4

The unit forced a meeting with Tristane, who denied any involvement with Kang’s incarceration. He offered to investigate and determine the real culprit, and Kang gave him 24 hours. He then spoke with Adrielle about striking a deal for his excess Altmer stock, then took his leave to get to work.

Session 5

Tristane appeared from a dark alley after Owydon stabbed Fergus in the back during the ambush outside of the Merchants Inn. He suggested that the Redguard had been the one to frame Kang, and after the Orsimer stormed off, he offered testimony to clear Martine with the Watch for the men she had killed in the street during the fight. He didn’t out Owydon for his part in things, and compelled the man to help get Fergus back to the Arena.


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