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“Captain, they’re shooting at us! They’re shooting at us with flaming arrows!”

“Ah, so they are,” the captain agreed. “The aim here is to avoid being hit.”

A Dance in Fire, Chapter 3


  • Overcome: Overcome any obstacle that requires physical movement – jumping, running, climbing, swimming, etc. If it resembles something you’d do in the decathlon, you’d roll Athletics. Use overcome actions with Athletics to move between zones in a conflict if there’s a situation aspect or other obstacle in your way. You’d also roll Athletics to chase or race in any contests or challenges that rely on these types of activities.
  • Create an Advantage: Jumping to high ground, running faster than the opponent can keep up with, or performing dazzling acrobatic maneuvers in order to confound your foes.
  • Attack: Athletics is not meant as an attack skill.
  • Defend: Athletics is a catch-all skill to roll for defense in a physical conflict, against close-quarters and ranged attacks. You can also use it to defend against characters trying to move past you, if you’re in a position to physically interfere with whoever is making the attempt.

Athletics Stunts

  • Dazing Counter – When you succeed with style on a defend action against an opponent’s Fight roll, you automatically counter with some sort of nerve punch or stunning blow. You get to attach the Dazed situation aspect to your opponent with a free invocation, instead of just a boost.
  • Hardcore Parkour – +2 to create advantages with Athletics if you are in a chase across rooftops or a similarly precarious environment.
  • Sprinter – You move two zones for free in a conflict without rolling, instead of one, provided there are no situation aspects restricting movement.


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