Black Marsh

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Black Marsh, also known as “Argonia”, is one of the nine Provinces of Tamriel. It is the home of the Argonians, reptilian creatures of this swampland rainforest. The province is filled with “great inland waterways and impenetrable swamps.”


The “Black Marsh” was the name given to the portion of Argonia that was conquered by the Empire in the First Era. Like Morrowind, it was “never successfully invaded, but instead, peacefully incorporated”. The majority of this province is a swampy marshland. Little is known about the actual size of Argonia, except that Lilmolith is located “fifteen miles from the Topal Bay”.


The economic system and way of life amongst Argonians in Black Marsh is seen as “backwards”, as they mainly farm, fish and hunt for subsistence and have only recently seen fit to start inter-provincial trade. Like all the odder-looking races, the Argonians experience quite a bit of prejudice and hostility even from people not trying to enslave them. Their native language involves many grunts and squeaks, and the intricacies and rationale of their naming conventions are completely unknown to outsiders.

Black Marsh

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