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“The problem with thieves today,” said Lledos, “Is the lack of technique. I know there’s no honor among thieves, and there never was, but there used to be some pride, some skill, some basic creativity. It really makes those of us with a sense of history despair.”

Three Thieves


  • Overcome: Burglary allows you to overcome any obstacle related to theft or infiltration. Bypassing locks and traps, pickpocketing and filching, covering your tracks, and other such activities all fall under this skill.
  • Create an Advantage: You can case a location with Burglary, to determine how hard it will be to break into and what kind of security you’re dealing with, as well as discover any vulnerabilities you might exploit. You can also examine the work of other burglars to determine how a particular heist was done, and create or discover aspects related to whatever evidence they may have left behind.
  • Attack: Burglary isn’t used for attacks.
  • Defend: Burglary isn’t used for defending.

Burglary Stunts

  • Always a Way Out – +2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re trying to escape from a location.
  • Security Specialist – You don’t have to be present to provide active opposition to someone trying to overcome security measures you put in place or worked on. (Normally, a character would roll against passive opposition for that.)
  • Talk the Talk – You can use Burglary in place of Contacts whenever you’re dealing specifically with other thieves and burglars.


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