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“Let’s have one last drink to our poor sorceress,” said Osmic, leading Nitrah out of the room toward the stairs down.

Nitrah laughed. “Those spells of illusion won’t help her track us down, as useful as she keeps saying they are. Paralysis, light, silence—not so good when you don’t know where to look.”

They closed the door behind them.

“Invisibility is another spell of illusion,” said Massitha’s disembodied voice. The gold on the table rose in the air and vanished from sight as she slipped it into her purse. The door again opened and closed, and all was silent until Osmic and Nitrah returned a few minutes later.

Incident at Necrom


  • Overcome: You can use Illusion much in the same way you might use Stealth, in order to get past any situation that primarily depends on you not being seen or heard. These two skills can be used in concert to great effect for those wishing to go unnoticed. You might also determine situation aspects by using clairvoyance.
  • Create an Advantage: You can use Illusion to create aspects on yourself, cloaking you from sight and/or sound. You also might bolster your allies to greater deeds with Illusions of Grandeur. It can also be used like Rapport to place a Charmed or Pacified aspect on a target. Alternatively, you might use it more like Provoke to place a Frenzied or Frightened aspect upon someone.
  • Attack: Illusion is not used to attack.
  • Defend: You might use Illusion to prevent any Notice attempts to pinpoint you or seek you out.

Illusion Stunts

  • Crush Psyche – You may spend a fate point and use Illusion to attack. If you succeed, the attack deals a mental hit.
  • Shadowboxer – Provided you are Cloaked in Shadow or have a similar situation aspect placed upon yourself, you may use Illusion to defend against Fight or Shoot attacks, but only until the first time you’re dealt stress in a conflict.


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