Imperial City

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The Imperial City, also known as Cyrodiil City, is the capital of the Empire based in Cyrodiil. It is the ancient capital of the Ayleids, and home of the White-Gold Tower. It is located on City Isle in Lake Rumare, in the Heartlands region of Cyrodiil.

From the First Era into the Fourth Era, the White-Gold Tower continues to be the centre of Tamrielic cultures and the beacon of the Empire, being the seat of the Imperial government and home to the Emperor. The Imperial City has led Tamriel in culture, fashion, economics and politics for centuries. It was once the center of the Ayleid civilization, noticeable in the gleaming white architecture and magnificent statues which are still a noticeable part of the city even in the Fourth Era.

The gleaming Imperial City can be seen clearly for miles. The architecture is ornate and grand, reflecting the wealth and importance of the city. The city is walled in a circular shape around the White-Gold Tower so as to afford it as much defense as possible from would-be attackers.

Important Sites

The Arena

Copious Coinpurse

Merchants Inn

Imperial City

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