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Tamriel is the continent where the events of of this game take place. It is located on the planet of Nirn, which is the mortal realm of the finite and the partial, as opposed to the immortal realms of the infinite and the absolute.

The Empire

  • Cyrodiil – Seat of the Empire in central Tamriel; Home of the Imperial humans
  • Hammerfell – Deserts in west Tamriel; Home to the Redguard humans
  • High Rock – Temperate coastal region in northwestern Tamriel; Home of the Breton humans and Orcs
  • Skyrim – Snow-covered, mountainous north Tamriel; Home of the Nord humans and Falmer (snow elves)

The Aldmeri Dominion

  • Summerset Isles – West of the mainland; Home of the Altmer (high elves)
  • Elsweyr – Jungles in south Tamriel; Home of the Khajiit
  • Valenwood – Wooded southwestern region of Tamriel; Home of the Bosmer (wood elves)


  • Black Marsh – Wetlands in southeastern Tamriel; Home of the Argonians
  • Morrowind – Volcanic region in northeastern Tamriel; Home of the Dunmer (dark elves)


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