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“The truth? Truth is not a single thing existing apart from those who apprehend it. But I will tell you my truth and perhaps then you may arrive at your truth.”

King Edward, Part II


  • Overcome: Use Rapport to charm or inspire people to do what you want or help you out, or establish a good connection with others Charm your way past the guard, convince someone to take you in their confidence, or become the man of the hour at the local tavern. For nameless NPCs, this is just an overcome action, but you may have to enter a contest to sufficiently ingratiate yourself to a named NPC or PC.
  • Create an Advantage: Use Rapport to establish a positive mood on a target or in a scene to get someone to confide in you out of a genuine sense of trust. You could pep talk someone into having Elevated Confidence, or stir a crowd into a Joyful Fervor, or simply make someone Talkative or Helpful.
  • Attack: Rapport isn’t used for attacks.
  • Defend: Rapport defends against any skill used to damage your reputation, sour a mood you’ve created, or make you look bad in front of other people. It does not, however, defend against mental attacks. That requires Will.

Rapport Stunts

  • Best Foot Forward – Twice per session, you may upgrade any boosts you receive with Rapport into situation aspects with a free invocation.
  • Demagogue – +2 to Rapport when you’re delivering an inspiring speech in front of a crowd. (If there are named NPCs or PCs in a scene, you may target them all simultaneously with one roll rather than dividing up your shifts).
  • Haggle – Provided your Resources is no lower than 2 shifts below the difficulty of the roll, you can use Rapport instead of Resources to buy things from stores and individual merchants.
  • Popular – If you’re in an area where you’re popular and well-liked, you can use Rapport in place of Contacts. You may be able to establish your popularity by spending a fate point to declare a story detail, or because of prior justification.


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