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Ramke seated herself on the floor and pressed her hands on either side of the wound. Gyna felt a flare of pain, and then a cool soft pinching and prickle. When she looked down, Ramke was slowly sliding her wrinkled hands towards one another. At their approach, the lesion began to mend before her eyes, flesh binding and bruises fading.

“Sweet Kynareth,” Gyna gasped. “You’ve saved my life.”

“Not only that, you won’t have an ugly scar on your pretty leg,” Ramke chuckled.

The Mystery of Talara, v2


  • Overcome: Restoration can be used to help the caster or an ally recover from stress during a conflict or consequences after.
  • Create an Advantage: Restoration can be used to create a protective ward to shield the caster from damage. It can also Fortify just about any skill, granting the caster a situation aspect for the chosen skill. It can even grant one or more temporary additional physical stress boxes.
  • Attack: Restoration can be used to attack the undead.
  • Defend: Restoration isn’t used to defend.

Restoration Stunts

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