Summerset Isles

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The Summerset Isles or “Alinor” are two islands located southwest of Tamriel, west of Valenwood. The province is home to the Altmeri people.


Little of the geography of the Summerset Isles is known. Cloudrest, atop Eton Nir, the highest mountain in Summerset, is an odd mixture of architectural styles, with buildings like strangler vines, built on top of older structures. The oldest, and most isolated, of all ruins there are made of coral, which must have been carried many, many, miles away from the sea.


The Summerset Isles are ruled by the Aldmeri Dominion. A branch of the Second Aldmeri Dominion, the Thalmor, serve as international ambassadors of the Dominion’s governing body. It is unclear whether the Thalmor serve as the “inner-sanctum” of the Dominion, or as a sort of oligarchy class of aristocrats and warlocks.

Summerset Isles

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