The Elder Scrolls: Fate of Tamriel

Interlude: Clothes for the Poor

Adrielle Makes Good on a Lie

Posted by GnomeSplosion

The distracting and lying to the poor merchant at The Copious Coinpurse didn’t sit well with Adrielle. The further lying to find out about Tristane was even more disconcerting and so she set her mind to remedy that. As soon as she had a chance she would go to the Temple of the Nine and petition the priests to use the church funds to begin purchasing up Altmeri clothing for use to comfort the poor refugees from wartorn regions.

After watching Kang return victorious from the shop and a brief exchange about how he had uncover his quarry’s whereabouts the party had several hours before they needed to meet Tristane so it was time to turn a lie into a truth. Adrielle excused herself from the group and stated she needed to check into the Temple and let them know she was safe. No time was wasted for words, Adrielle, eager to do right, was off.

She hastened toward the Temple of the Nine in hopes that her plan would bear fruit. Why hadn’t she thought of it before, there are always materials for those who will look for them. Her feet took her swiftly up the steps of the temple and through the gates of the Dibellan quarter where she was greeted with smiles from the first couple of followers as she slowed and asked for the whereabouts of the High Priestess Corelia.

A little leg work and some zig-zagging through halls and shrines to the various Aedra before she found herself approaching Corelia, the high priestess in charge of accounting affairs for the temple. Slowing to catch her breath she approached the older woman calmly.

Adrielle mustered up all the presence and determination she could to present her idea and spoke passionately about her plan that would surely benefit everyone involved. Corelia listened intently but posed her own concerns. “Who will disassemble the garments?” “Who will sew the cloth back together into something useful for the poor?” “Where shall we store these things?” Adrielle thought for a moment about it and the answers came to her. She proposed that the deposed families, in exchange for shelter, food and divine blessings provided by the church, could aid their fellows in these tasks. Surely there would be families in need who would benefit from this exchange and the more aid provided, the more assistance could be gleaned. People would need shelter, the wounded would need healing and blessings. The homeless would need food and clothes and blankets. Dibella teaches love and kindness to her followers and what better way to show this than to alleviate the pain and suffering of the stricken in their time of need.

Corelia listened to the armored priestess intently. She was moved by the fervor in Adrielle’s words and the determination in her plan. Perhaps it would do the temple good to show it’s support of the Empire against the Altmer. The human worshiped Aedra were, after all, part of the reason the high elves hated man so much. Corelia smiled, convinced by Adrielle that this was the right and just course of action and took the hands of the Dibellan. “Yes child, I believe your heart and mind are in the right place. I will allocate what funds and resources are necessary and present this to the other priests and priestesses and we will get in touch with this Tristane about a contract. The deal is not done yet, but we will indeed try. You are a special one and I am glad that Dibella found her way into your heart.”

Content with this reaction Adrielle was practically skipping with delight through the halls of the Nine. Her armor jangling and clanking with each boisterous footstep she made her way out to the city proper. As she passed the gates to head off to meet back up with her allies she breathed a sigh of relief and praising her favored goddess.



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