Ambitious Nord Battlepriestess

Adrielle Thorbendotter Refresh
A towering, muscular, Nord amazon of a woman, plated in legendary Skyforged Steel and wielding the magickal forces in her hands. 3
Aspects Skills
Magickal Maiden in Skyforged Steel Superb (+5)
“It Never Hurts to Help!” Great (+4) Restoration
Conductor Of Destructive Magicka Good (+3) Physique Empathy
The Nord Juggernaut Fair (+2) Will Rapport Destruction
Gifted by Dibella Average (+1) Athletics Conjuration Lore Fight
Indomitable: +2 to Will rolls made to defend against Provoke attacks specifically related to intimidation and fear.
Tough as Nails: Once per session you can reduce the severity of a moderate physical consequence to a mild physical consequence, or erase a mild physical consequence altogether, at the cost of a fate point.
Something: Something else.
Stress Tracks Consequences
Physical (Physique)
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ] 2 [Mild Consequence Aspect]
Mental (Will) 4 [Moderate Consequence Aspect]
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 6 [Severe Consequence Aspect]


Ht. 6’8” Wgt. 185 lbs. Age 23
Eyes Blue Hair Blond Skin White

Adrielle is big. Standing above even most Nord men, she makes for a very imposing figure. While her size is overwhelming, her soft beauty makes her that much more intimidating to anyone hoping to catch her eye. Her blond hair cascades about her head, appearing as flows of spun gold accentuating her bright blue eyes She is most usually found clad in her father’s steel plate armor, crafted and re-fitted for her by the legendary Skyforge. In addition, she always wears the priestly emblems of Dibella either as a tabard over her armor or as a standard robe when she is found about without her armor on. Adrielle walks and carries herself with purpose and pride, no weapon adorns her but the crackle of magicka.

Phase Trio

Your Adventure

Upon returning to the College of Winterhold from her father’s funeral, Adrielle was put on assignment for the Arch Magus himself. She was to apply her prolific grasp of the Destructive school in order to clear a local barrow of its ghostly inhabitants in order to clear the way for other students to excavate.

Phase 1 Aspect: Conductor Of Destructive Magicka

Crossing Paths: Martine’s Adventure

On her quest for Jode’s Claw, Martine took up temporary residence in the town of Whiterun. Her information led her to the Skyforge where she had learned that a tome held there about legendary weapons could help lead her in the direction of her quarry. She managed to find her way up to the great forge and scavenged for the book only to be disappointed that it was not there. As a consolation prize Martine chose to pilfer some of the fine armor from the forge to sell later. Upon the racks of swords she found a set of armor of the greatest make. With a glint in her eye Martine scoops up the armor and makes her way out of the town. Unfortunately she had the poor luck of bumping into Adrielle, who recognized the armor and began pursuit of the thief across snowy paths, frozen ponds and rocky terrain. Adrielle’s Nordic heritage coupled with her unstoppable will and physique outlasted her until they clashed, ending with Martine’s flight and Adrielle regaining her armor.

(The Nord Juggernaut)

Crossing Paths: Kang’s Adventure

Kang found his way across the border into the center of Tamriel when he could barely move along further, his injuries taking their toll. Along the road and on the edge of collapse his eyes rested on a face from his memories, a giant Nord woman in shining armor stood beside the rood and hesitantly hailed him. Unable to fight she pulled him aside and insisted on healing his wounds with her restorative gifts as a follower of Dibella. Fed and healed they settled down for the night and discussed life. Kang talked reservedly about his days as a gladiator and Adrielle about her days in the mage college. She excitedly told Kang about how he would be greatly suited for the Great Fighter Colosseum. Upon parting ways with the spell slinger he had a new goal.

(Gifted by Dibella)



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