Ambitious Nord Battlemage

Adrielle Thorbendotter Refresh
A towering, muscular, Nord amazon of a woman, plated in legendary Skyforged Steel and wielding the elements in her hands. 3
Aspects Skills
Ambitious Arcane Juggernaut Superb (+5)
Winterhold College’s Prodigal Student Great (+4) Lore
The Maiden in Skyforge Steel Good (+3) Physique Will
Leave No Ally Behind Fair (+2) Restoration Fight Destruction
I’ve Got Martine’s Back Average (+1) Athletics Conjuration Empathy Rapport
Stunts Extras
Indomitable Armor:3 (Skyforge Plate Armor)
Tough as Nails Second Extra
Electroconductor Third Extra
Stress Tracks Consequences
Physical (Physique)
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ] 2 [Mild Consequence Aspect]
Mental (Will) 4 [Moderate Consequence Aspect]
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ] 6 [Severe Consequence Aspect]

Indomitable: +2 to Will rolls made to defend against Provoke attacks specifically related to intimidation and fear.
Tough as Nails: Once per session you can reduce the severity of a moderate physical consequence to a mild physical consequence, or erase a mild physical consequence altogether, at the cost of a fate point.
Electroconductor: +2 to any Destruction attack roll utilizing electricity when the target is wearing metal armor.



Phase Trio

Your Adventure: Out of Love and Honor (Born 4E 153, Frostfall)

The third of four children born of Thorben Ironbeard of Whiterun, proud member of the Companions; Adrielle was the largest and strongest of her siblings. Her father raised her on tales of glory and honor and she was enraptured. In her early teens she was sent to Winterhold College to hone her magicka talents but returned home upon news of her father’s illness. His final wishes were that his strongest child carry his armor and his pride upon his departure to Sovngarde. She took up his Skyforge Steel Plate and adorned herself with them out of love, respect and pride.

Phase One Aspect: The Maiden in Skyforge Steel

Adrielle returned to the college disheartened and wishing for adventure like her father’s tales. She worked diligently and managed to procure a field assignment in Ironbind Barrow. Her expedition was to catalog the relics and notate any draugr burial anomalies…

Crossing Paths: Ironbind Barrow or Dungeons, Draugr, and Danger (4E 169, Sun’s Dawn)

Investigation of the ancient ruin revealed that Adrielle wasn’t the only party interested in its contents. However after a less than friendly first encounter, Martine and Adrielle are forced to lean on each other’s strengths to escape the crypt intact, unwilling to let each other remain trapped.

Phase Two Aspect: Leave no ally behind

Parting with her new ally and their adventures in the barrow returned Adrielle with an even greater wanderlust. When her time to leave came Adrielle had mapped the location of numerous Ayleid temples for discovery when her sister-in-danger arrived with plans.

Crossing Paths Redux: Cyrodiil or Bust

Martine, the thief in the barrow, arrives at the College searching for Adrielle. Martine had become excited about a particular Ayleid ruin and she needed Adrielle. Adrielle could only grin, slip her notes on the ruins away and agree to go along with her on an adventure… Someone had to watch her back.

Phase Three Aspect: I’ve got Martine’s Back

Ht. 6’8” Wgt. 185 lbs. Age 18
Eyes Blue Hair Blond Skin White

Adrielle is big. Standing above even most Nord men, she makes for a very imposing figure. While her size is overwhelming, her soft beauty makes her that much more intimidating to anyone hoping to catch her eye. Her blond hair cascades about her head, appearing as flows of spun gold accentuating her bright blue eyes She is most usually found clad in her father’s steel plate armor, crafted and re-fitted for her by the legendary Skyforge. In addition, she always wears the scholarly robes of the Winterhold Mage College either as a tabard over her armor or as a standard garment when she is found about without her armor on. Adrielle walks and carries herself with purpose and pride, no weapon adorns her but the crackle of magicka.



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