Savage former slave

Kang the Abominable Refresh
Description #
Aspects Skills
The Beast WIthin (and Without) Superb (+5)
Magically Afflicted Great (+4) Fight
Stranger In A Strange Land Good (+3) Physique Athletics
Enchanted by Enchantment Fair (+2) Will Notice Provoke
The Weak Deserve It Average (+1) Rapport Resources Lore Restoration
Finish Him!: Once per scene, when Kang deals enough stress to an opponent in physical combat that any more stress would cause the opponent to be taken out, he can spend a Fate point to perform a finishing move, and the opponent is taken out.
Regeneration: Once per session, Kang can use Restoration to reduce the severity of a consequence with a diff equal to the consequence value: 2 for mild, 4 for moderate, etc.
Danger Sense: You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm you.
Physical Stress (Physique) Consequences
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ] 2 Mild Consequence Aspect
Mental Stress (Will) 4 Moderate Consequence Aspect
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] - 6 Severe Consequence Aspect

Phase Trio

Adventure: Is This the Real World

Kang spent his entire upbringing as slave cattle to a Daedric Cult. He knew only the fight for survival and the lash of the whip. The concepts of kindness, compassion, and courtesy were never part of his world, and by the time he was 18 he had murdered hundreds in the fighting pits for the amusement of his captors.

Then came his escape… one that left him battered and bloody. He trudged for days, having no concept of what was beyond the border of the cult territory. Coming over a hill one day, he saw the first real settlement in his life (leaving the name of the town/city/village out to make it easier for someone to cross paths). He stumbled down the main street, completely confused by everything he saw, when….

(Stranger In A Strange Land)

Rhianil’s Adventure

Kang has a run in with a certain Clavicus Vile cultist which ends in the cultists violent demise. As he is about to depart, he hears a muffled sound coming from the cultists possessions. Upon further inspection it is the voice of a woman calling for help, but it’s coming from a strange gem.

Seeing as most people that Kang had a chance to talk to tended to run away in fear, he was instantly happy to have found a companion in this gem that he could keep as a captive audience. Rhianil was happy to have found a strong bodyguard to keep her safe until she found a way out. Ironically Kang had no idea that Rhianil was a dunmer necromancer just like the cultists that tortured him and kept him in chains for most of his life.

This arrangement lasted for several years as Kang acclimated more to civilized society and found a home as a popular gladiator in the Grand Arena. It was during this time that Rhianil heard of a way to possibly free herself….

(Enchanted by Enchantment)

Crossing Paths Redux

Two or three sentences describing how you were involved in another PC’s first adventure.

(Phase Three Aspect)


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