Blademaster of the Bloodworks


Owydon Aspects: Redguard Blademaster, Arena Administrator


Owydon is the current Blademaster of the Arena in the Imperial City, overseeing its gladiators, arranging wagers, and orchestrating matches. He was already a retired Arena Champion when Kang came to prominence, giving the escaped slave the opportunity to prove himself in the ring.

Session 1

Kang saw Owydon in the Arena Tavern and went to speak with his old mentor. The man seemed reticent, but he agreed to join the unit at their table and talk over a drink. He identified the new Arena Champion Fergus, but didn’t seem impressed with him. Before he left, he mentioned to Kang that he suspected a merchant called Tristane to be fixing the Arena fights. He also suggested that the man had been responsible for Kang’s imprisonment.

Session 5

Owydon stabbed Fergus in the back with a dagger, claiming he thought that the man was about to kill Kang. Tristane came out of the shadows of a nearby alley and insinuated that the Redguard had been the one to frame Kang. The Orsimer demanded Owydon answer the claims, and the man didn’t deny it. Kang laid him out with a single punch, and after Tristane smoothed things over with the Watch, Owydon begrudgingly helped get Fergus (saved by Adrielle’s magic) back to the Arena.


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