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  • Kang

    h4. Phase Trio *Adventure: Is This the Real World* Kang spent his entire upbringing as slave cattle to a Daedric Cult. He knew only the fight for survival and the lash of the whip. The concepts of kindness, compassion, and courtesy were never part …

  • Owydon

    Owydon is the current Blademaster of the Arena in the [[Imperial City]], overseeing its gladiators, arranging wagers, and orchestrating matches. He was already a retired Arena Champion when [[:kang]] came to prominence, giving the escaped slave the …

  • M'raaj

    *M'raaj* is a wandering caravan guard interested in Jode's Claw. [[:martine]] came to Cyrodiil looking for him, and accompanied [[:adrielle]] for at least part of her tour around the province in doing so.

  • Fergus

    Session 1 The party first heard of the Arena Champion *Fergus* from [[:owydon]], who did not seem impressed with the man. In fact, he confided his suspicion that the Colovian gladiator was on the take - likely to a merchant called *Tristane*. …

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