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A summary of the steps for Chargen appears below. For details about character creation, see Chapter 3 of Fate Core.


  • Aspects[1]: Come up with your character’s high concept and trouble aspects.
  • Name: Name your character.
  • First Phase: Describe your character’s first adventure.
  • Second and Third Phases: Describe how you’ve crossed paths with two other characters.
  • Aspects: Write down one aspect for each of these three experiences.
  • Skills: Pick and rate your skills (one at 4, two at 3, three at 2, four at 1).
  • Stunts: Pick or invent three to five stunts.
  • Refresh: Determine how many fate points you start play with.
  • Stress and Consequences: Determine how much of a beating your character can take, physically and mentally.

1 Including an Elder Scrolls race and/or birthsign in an aspect (usually a high concept) allows a character to invoke that aspect for anything that is flavorfully appropriate based on abilities, attributes, and/or skills possessed by that race and/or birthsign in any of the Elder Scrolls games. For example, a character with the high concept of Nord Warrior could invoke that aspect to defend against a cold-based attack (since everyone knows Nords are resistant to cold). Furthermore, players have one free invocation per session for uses of the aspect in this manner. See Races pages for suggested racial qualities and skills.


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