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Conjuration, for the layman unacquainted with its workings, connects the caster’s mind with that of the summoned. It is a tenuous link, meant only to lure, hold, and dismiss, but in the hands of a Master, it can be much stronger.

The Doors of Oblivion


  • Overcome: TBD
  • Create an Advantage: Conjuration can be used to summon powerful weapons or creatures from Oblivion for a short time, binding them to the caster while they exist. It can also be used to trap the souls of creatures slain in combat, command an enemy Daedra or force the dead to rise and fight again.
  • Attack: Conjuration can be used to attack Daedra.
  • Defend: Conjuration isn’t used to defend.

Conjuration Stunts

  • Summon Daedra – Once per session you may spend a fate point to have a bound Daedra arrive in the scene. Roll Conjuration to determine the Daedra’s strength and the duration of the effect.


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