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ULLIS: What were you going to use on me first, lightning or fire?

ANANA/IACHILLA: Lightning. I find fire to be too unpredictable.

As she speaks, the flames in the torches extinguish. The stage is utterly dark.

There is the sound of a struggle, swords clanging. Suddenly a bolt of lightning flashes out, and there is silence. From the darkness, Anana/Iachilla speaks.

ANANA/IACHILLA: Fascinating.

There are several more flashes of lightning as the curtain closes.

The Horror of Castle Xyr


  • Overcome: Unless you need to demonstrate your Destruction ability in a non-conflict situation, this skill probably won’t be used for normal obstacles much. That said, it’s possible that a Locked door can simply be blasted to kindling.
  • Create an Advantage: Destruction can be used to give a creature (or construct) weakness to a particular element. Application of certain elemental forces can also affect the environment in useful ways, allowing you to create situation aspects.
  • Attack: Destruction is primarily used to attack, dealing damage to one’s enemies by tossing various weaponized elements at their faces. Particularly strong Destruction magic can even empower the caster while hurting the target.
  • Defend: Destruction can be used to defend against Destruction attacks.

Destruction Stunts

  • Pyrotechnician – +2 to any Destruction roll involving the use of fire, provided there is a source of flames in the zone you are targeting. A campfire suffices, a torch does not.


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