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Elsweyr is a province of the Aldmeri Dominion that lies on the southern coast of Tamriel. It is bordered by Valenwood to the west and by Cyrodiil to the north and east. It is home to the feline Khajiit.


The northern part of Elsweyr contains arid badlands; the southern part is a lush sub-tropical environment with many forests. Only a few cities have been established, and most of the settlements are small villages.


The Khajiiti government is a confederacy held together by the Mane, which are the rarest of the various Khajiit breeds. An important part of Khajiiti culture is the Moon Sugar that is harvested in Elsweyr. Moon Sugar is said to be created by mana falling from the Ja’Kha-jay into the Bay of Topal on the southeastern coast. The waters are then drawn into the sugar plantations of the jungles of Tenmar, which cover much of the southern area of the province.


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